Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Week

This week in brief:
Christmas! I got to skype home. It was so good to see my family. For Christmas dinner we had Shrimp Creole! It was so good.
We also had trade offs this week! it was a joy to be with Sister Armstrong! She is an incredible missionary. Wednesday night The Gray family fed us. We got a nice big southern dinner. It included Fried Gator Tail! I was so excited to finally eat gator. It was really good. I loved it!
Other news, I am heading to Price Creek! Sisters are being taken out of macclenny for a bit. I am sad to go but I am way excited to get to serve with Sister Prue again! Our address there is:

131 Raintree Loop
Apartment #101
Lake City, Florida 32025

Life is so good! I love being a missionary all the adventures and miracles we see every day! I know that the gospel has been restored and that the Priesthood of God is once again found on the earth. Yall have a blessed week! I love yall and I am so grateful for yall too!

Tender Mercies

Hey Y'all! 
Wow Christmas is such a joyful time of the year. Our preparation day is today because Christmas is monday! New Years is next monday so I am not sure yet when our next preparation day will be! This week has been so fun. I really love my new companion. Sister Morrow is so tallented and funny. :D We have incredible adventures. Last night we were out and about and we found this house that had rented a radio station and the lights went along with the music! I have never seen it before! One of our christmas dinners is with our bishop! He is making Shrimp Creole! Wow, That is not something I have ever heard of but I am so excited! We are truly seeing so many miracles in our area. :D I am so grateful to be a missionary out here. :) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Today I got to see my sweet companions, Sister Prue and Sister Esquerra! Such a tender Mercy. I am so grateful to be serving in the same zone as them! They are such wonderful emmbasarries of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are all becoming the people that Heavenly Father wants us to be and It is such a special thing to step back and see  how the people you love have grown! I am so proud of them! I love them. Take some time in the days coming to pray to see the strengths and growths of those around you and tell them how proud you are of them! What a wonderful way to Light The World!

Light the World

This has been such a great week. We started the Light The World Initiative! I am so grateful for the time we have to reach out to others and help them feel the Saviors love for them. There has been so much going on with the christmas season winding up and ,y companion preparing to return home at the end of the transfer. Hope y'all see miracles as you #lighttheworld
This week we walked from Sanderson to Jonesville! Crazy huh? :D

Improve the Shining Moments

It has been so cold this week! I have enjoyed the sweater weather. We had transfer calls! I will be staying in MacClenny and my new companion will be Sister Doxy! She was my STL this transfer and it will be her last 6 weeks as a fulltime missionary for the church! I am so excited to spend this special time with her! Fun fact, Sister Doxy trained my current companion Sister Equerra! I am so grateful to have another transfer here in MacClenny.  There are many wonderful things to come! 

How Wondrous and Great

Here are some miracles from our week.
Monday-We didnt get eaten but gators at Okiefenokee. And I also finished Jesus the Christ. 
Tuesday- We had an incredible district service opportunity to help another church with a food drive thing. We also had a dinner and lesson with the part member family we found last week!!! It was wonderful. Also, the kinders from my last ward came to MacClenny for institute-tender mercies
Wednesday- We sang to some members of our ward in the nursing home! It was so wonderful! The Grays come to Mutual! We had to split. I went with the boys and the combined activity, they watched the musical artist devotion fo rthe youth. IT WAS SO GOOD. Sister Equerra went with sandy to scripture class. Afterwards we got their jumpsuits all picked out for the baptism!!!
thursday- We got into 3 different houses and found a new investigator! One was the other (less active) Gray family. We invited them to their cousins baptism!
Friday- During daily planning a former called us on accident but was really happy she did. We later went out and had a lesson with her, her fiance and her daughter! It was a real miracle. tomorrow they are feeding us and having another lesson!
Saturday was the Grays Baptism! There were so many people there that  we had to move to the chapel! It was the best. The spirit was so strong as Brother Gray was able to baptize his family! Sister Esquerra and I both gave talks!  That night we were knocking around a less active and found a former named Che'ron. She was really distracted so we had a very brief lesson and invited her to church.
Sunday- I gave a talk! during sacrament Che'ron come in WITH HER 2 GRANDCHILDREN AND ONE OF HER DAUGHTERS!  It was crazy. We ended up having 6 investigators in church! We set a (stretching) goal of 2. It was incredible. They Grays confirmation was really beautiful.  Later we had a lesson with a part member family. The mom Guadalupe, is catholic. We set up a church swap with her! Sunday night we are going to Mass and she is coming with her family to church on sunday!! I am so excited. We are really hoping to get to know her and help her feel loved.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

I haven't sent a weekly in ages. I need to repent. Sorry y'all. Habe a good thanksgiving! Love you lots. Enjoy some picture. We had trade offs and it was really sunny! Also Christmas cheer! Yay

Master The Tempest is Raging

What a wonderfull week! It has truly been miracle filled! We had our trade offs with the Sister training leaders this week! It was fun. I went to Callahan with Sister Doxy! I learned so much from her, especially about online prosyliting. We had interviews with President Lee as well! The Gray family had their baptismal interview! They are so prepared. Also,  Brother Gray got ordained to the office of Priest and will be able to baptize his family! We found a new investigator who REALLY wants to get baptized. Her husband is a member and they want to be able to be sealed in the temple! Today we are going to Georgia to a place called Okiefenokie ( i honestly have no clue how to spell it ) to see a swamp with lots of gators! Pictures will certainly come next week!
Pictures are from the past few weeks! From my birthday, Zone Conference, The Grays baptismal interview and a few random days! And trade offs!
Hey Y'all! Wow, we are so blessed in the FJM. As a mission this week we have been preparing for Hurricane Irma. We feel very prepared. Missionaries have been evacuated where needed. Sister Prue and I are hosting Sister  McConnell and Sister Allgaier who were serving in the St. Augustine Shores area. The four of us have had a great day of preparation together.  Each night for the past week (And for the forseable futrue) we have established a line of communication and are having nightly calls as a mission to recieve updates on the storm and information on how we need to be preparing. I am so grateful to be able to hear from our mission president,President Lee each night. I truly know that he is inspired. He is working closely with the area 70 and the stakes presidents in the area. We are all doing well. Our preparation day has been moved to today before the hurricane. We will likely not email until the 18th of September, our next preparation day.
For anyone wanting to recieve updates on our mission and the hurricane. check out our mission blog. Sister Lee is updating it daily.
I want Y'all to know that we are truly seeing miracles here! This week we found Less active part member family who was so prepared to recieve the gospel! We were able to share a lesson with them and set a return appointment for next week after the hurricane! People are truly being prepared and hearts are beign softened. Today we had a tender experience. One of the children in our ward has recently turned 8 and his baptism was scheduled for sunday. However, all meetings have been cancelled sunday. Wyatt did not want to wait to get baptized so the ward arranged to have his baptism done today. It was so beautiful to see another person enter the waters of baptism. Wyatt is an example to us all. I know that as we place our covenants as our highest priority that we will be blessed. We will be protected. The Holy Spirit of Promis will testify of our faithfulness to the Father at the last day. I am grateful for the time that I have to be able to serve the Lord. I know that This is such a  special work. I Love being a Missionary and I love all these wonderful experiences we have. The FJM Is truly a place that we are learning and growing and striving to be like our Savior. Could we be more blessed?
I say unto you, Nay.