Sunday, June 25, 2017

Somewhere There is a Mountain

It has been such a good week!! We biked one day and it started raining while we were out! It felt so good!! I love all the rain we have been getting. We also found an entire apartment complex we have never known about before. While we were there we met a really nice man named Josh! We taught him the restoration in the rain and it was incredible! He really wants to learn more so we will go back by this week! We also had a less active reach out to us! She has been really concerned about us and calls to check to see if we have all we need or if she can help us in any way. It is really a miracle because she hasn't had any contact with the ward in a while. Yesterday she called and told us about a nice little park close by so we could have something fun to do that didn't cost money on our preparation day. It was so sweet! In church we had 3 Less active members we are working with come to church as well as 2 investigators! This week has been so blessed. the members here are incredible and i love serving in Middleburg!
I also finished my very first journal this week!!!! and am so grateful for the really pretty journal i got from Rachel and Spencer for my birthday last year. :D :D yay

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