Monday, August 7, 2017

I Feel My Saviors Love

What a wonderful spirit-filled week here in Middleburg! Sister Goeller and I have been really busy with lessons! Bill and Nita are doing so great. Jordan is SO CLOSE to being ready for his baptism on the 29th! We only have a handfull of lessons left! He is really excited. It has been really beautiful to see the changes in Jordan since we started teaching him. I know that he feels the spirit and that Heavenly Father is helping him to be prepared to make and keep his covenants! I am so proud of him. I know that his family is very excited  because he is the last child to be baptized in his family! Since the Living Christ Fireside the ward has been really excited about missionary work. Everyone is wanting to know who we are teaching more closely and they are wanting to find ways they can participate in the  work. Member Missionary work is so invauluable. We could never do the work we are called to do without members to help the people we teach learn and grow and feel comfortable in ways we just cant.  Love y'all so much! Pictures will come in a bit!

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