Monday, August 7, 2017

Now Let Us Rejoice

My new companion is Sister Prue! She was serving close by in our district and I really admire her. She has been out 7 and a half months. She is so uplifting and great at giving advice and correction. I AM GOING TO LEARN SO MUCH FROM HER. I really admire her so much.
 I LOVE SCRIPTURES. This week I studied Ezekiel 47. SO good. I MISS THE TEMPLE SO BAD.
There are such amazing things going on in this area. We updated our three month rolling plan. We feel like by the end of the transfer we could have as many as 4 baptisms! There are also quite a few that we see that could happen in October or November. When I got here we were not teaching many progressing investigators in our area... Not it is truly an example to our district
We actually saw a huge miracle in our area this week. When we were getting gas this week we were, you know, just casually talking to everyone. There was a young couple. My age maybe. And I talked to them and asked if they wanted a free bible-and they did! They asked what church we were from and I told them. I asked if they knew any Mormons.... the boy said his grandma was Dee Huggins! NO WAY!! I WAS SO FLOORED THEIR FAMILY IS SO PREPARED. He asked if he could have a book of Mormon too. I gave him one. We got his address and number. His mother is the one who is not a member that reffered herself to Salt Lake because of the influence sister Huggins had on her. It was such a miracle. There are so many in that family who are ready. Sister Huggins is preparing them.
Another Miracle came from roleplaying. We decided to roleplay searching the teaching records one day. We scrolled through area book to find a random person and make a lesson report for them based off all their information before they were dropped. When we did this we actually found a lost sheep! She was in as a gator but in her notes it said her and 3 of her children had actually been baptized in OP! WHAT.. On top of that we were in their area later on that very day! We stopped by and met them. She let us in to teach her... GUESS WHAT?! SHE HAS AT LEAST 2 CHILDREN WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH NOW TO BE BAPTIZED! We are not sure if she was ever confirmed. It is so confusing but she doesn't seem to be on any records here or in Orange park. I am not sure what to do to find her. They may potentially need to be rebaptized if they never received the holy ghost though... It was so long ago that they were baptized. They hardly remember it. Mostly they just know they have a book of Mormon and a restoration video.  It was such a tender miracle.
Since transfers we found 6 new Investigators in the last 3 days. And of our investigators came to church. We are far too blessed to be stressed. We had 5 investigators come to church. It was so great. We got to go to primary with one of them! Two of our investigators came with their families. One of the families is less active! It was so great to see them bring their grandson to church!
Sunday night we were out working and saw a guy pull into his house. we really felt like we should talk to him. IT WAS SO INSPIRED. We were able to teach the restoration and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. We will have another lesson with him this week. Heavenly Father has truly blessed us with so many opportunities to find people who are searching for truth.
Y'all Be Blessed

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