Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

First off, Come thou Fount and Called to serve may be the two most over sung songs here in the MTC! on a more serious note, we  had a really eventful week. We got a new district 

Saturday we had a kinda scary experience. There was an elder at diner who started having a seizure. Even though it was scary, It was amazing to see everyone act so quickly. Another elder hurried and gave him a blessing before medics arrived. Another blessing was that there was a sister who was a RN in his district so she was able to help too. Everyone probably, in the whole room stopped when they gave him a blessing and prayed with them. The spirit was so strong in there. I know  that the Priesthood is such a big blessing that we have on the earth. I know that when priesthood holders are righteous and worthy they can use that authority to do miracles. I am really glad to say that the elder is back at the MTC and doing well. All of these experiences are for our good even if they are hard. 

Sunday was so good! We had a few meetings to go to  and also Sacrament meeting. Durring Sacrament the departing district performed Come Thou Fount for us! It was so beautiful! We went to the temple like normal. I love going to the temple on sunday. It was such a nice day and  we sang together on the grounds again. That is a tradition that i really love and cherish. we had time this week to take pictures with our zone and  districts! I will send some of those too! Sister Randall and I taught relief society! It was really fun! The lesson was on "Doing the will of the father/Having faith in Christ". Later, after diner, we went to choir practice. the song we practiced was "Consider the Lilies of the Field". For our sunday evening devotional the BYU Mens choir came and sang! their performance was really uplifting. :D I love devotionals. I learned a lot even though we didnt have a traditional speaker there. After that we watched a sunday movie! I love watching the sunday movies. This week we watched an address given here called "a Missionaries call" It was given by president Uchdorf. Two elders from the departing district in our zone gave the prayers so we went to support them! I think everyone in their district and ours was there!

Monday we started teaching our last investigators here at the MTC! One of them Is a woman named Leila! Sister Pelland and I had taught her but when she went home we had to stop! When she opened the door to us she gave me the biggest hug! It was so amazing to see her again. She said that she had been thinking about me and sister Pelland since the office said we wouldnt be teaching her anymore!

Tuesday was a big turning point for our companionship! We wrote down 5 things we love about each other through the day (per request of our district president). We had choir practice and then the Tuesday Devotional. Elder S Mark Palmer of the Seventy and his wife addressed us.  Before the devotional I saw President and Sister Shumway. It was so good to see them! When we left President Shumway put his hand on my shoulder and said "Dont forget who you are or where you come from. You will do great things". That was a really special moment.  We performed "Consider the Lilies" and it was so good. I love that Hymn! I realized during the devotional I had a picture from my baptism in a pocket in the back of my notebook. During devotional review we talked about what we learned. I want to share with you this:
                              When I looked at the picture from my baptism I realized there has not been a day that goes by that I dont feel the way I looked in that picture, even if it is just for a little while. There have been really hard days. some days I am really sad and hurt and just not feeling the most encouraged.. But I always know that I will have that blessing of the Joy I felt there. I just have to have faith and look for it. Our heavenly father is aware of each of us. He does not forget any of us. He knows when we need a little extra dose of his love. But we have to have faith that he will give it. 

Yesterday was possibly the best day I have had at the MTC.  Our trio did so well! For the first time we really figured out how to meet each others needs. Our studies were so good. We taught in unity, true unity, for the first time. I miss Sister Pelland so much, but I do love my new companions. During the middle of the day we had a chance to host new missionaries! It was so fun! basically we just take them from their cars to the different places to get their material and help them find their room and class. I got to host two sisters! They were both going to California! Unfortunately to different missions! They were so adorable. I really l loved being able to serve them. While we were hosting I met a really nice elder (who was also Hosting) and we talked for a while when we were waiting to be released from our hosting assignment. His name was Elder Koranda! He is speaking Portuguese in some country in africa! Wow. Didn't see that one coming! It feels like we spend most time talking to people in our zone. It is always nice to meet people outside of our district! That evening was one of the last times we are all together as a district! 

Starting tomorrow we have Departing Devotionals and meetings. We are really getting ready to head our into the field! I am so excited. This week I said goodbye to a good friend, Sister Weldon. She will be serving in the Oklahoma City Mission! I love her so much!!! I hope you guys get to meet her someday! Sister Pelland sent me a package! It was so fun! I love her so much!

Today will be busy but I really love all of you!

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