Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Blessings

Hey Ya'll! This week has been so great! I know I say that a lot, but it really is so great here.
We died Easter Eggs with Leo and her kids on tuesday! They are all so cute! Her daughter Lala (that is her nickname, I have no clue how to spell her real name!) gave one of the eggs to sister Martin and one to me as well! It was so cute! The Boys loved playing with the different color dies. Sister Martins were really pretty. She is so artistic! 

On wednesday we were contacting some former investigators in an apartment complex area. Not all of the investigators had apartment numbers listed so we just decided to see the ones that did. On our way up some stairs we saw this man outside and both of us felt like we should go see him, but we waited till after we contacted the first. When we got back down the stairs he was gone! Luckily we saw an open apartment door and we stopped to knock and find out if that man lived there. He did! And he was even one of the former investigators that didnt have a number listed! It was really big blessing. He asked for a Book of Mormon his kids could read to him since he cant read. :D I think the elders are going to go back! That night one of the young women from the ward, Crystal Wood, came out with us contacting members in her area. We met the Roberson Family! They were so sweet. They've been through a lot but they love each other so much. It was really special!. 

Our week has felt kind of off since thursday because we had a Zone Meeting. President Lee was there! He is such a good man. I really enjoyed the trainings that were given. The Missionaries that are in leadership positions are all really nice and eager to help and teach. That night we went and saw Alberta, Jaquez's mom.  She is really funny. While we were there she said she had been in a car accident. We were really relieved to hear she is doing fine and so is her baby. Im so excited for her to have another baby! She really hopes it will be a girl, but someone said they think it will be a boy! We called lots of former investigators to see if they would want to meet with missionaries again before diner with the Gourleys. One woman named Carrie said we could come by the next day!
Friday we saw some really Miracles! We had weekly planning that day because our meeting was on thursday. between that and studies we saw a less active family for brunch! They were really nice and they made Chocolate Chip pancakes! They also had grits! I love grits so much! After weekly planning we saw Carrie! She has lots of health problems and was really glad to see us. We taught the restoration. I loved meeting her. She is really interested in progressing. That same day we were able to contact a potential investigator we have tried a few times. It Turns out he is a truck driver which is why he is never home! When we saw him he was really interested in meeting with us but it was a bad time. We set up another time to come back. :D It is really exciting to find new people to teach. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities our heavenly Father gives to us. He really does know us so perfectly.
Saturday we taught Lisa, a woman we met last week. At the end of the restoration lesson we helped her to understand prayer and why we pray out loud. She had never prayed out loud before then! It was really exciting. Lisa asked lots of great questions and is excited and happy to learn. She got a super cute little puppy. I do mean little! It fits in her hand! We also went and saw Anna and Alyssa and helped them work on their personal progress. They are recent converts. I love helping them work on personal progress. I feel so strongly about how amazing the program is. It really is inspired. Later we did some service for a less active couple. The Bishops are the most zen people I have ever met. We helped them paint one of the rooms in their house blue. Both of them served missions and Sister Bishop is a convert too. They fed us dinner when we got all done. Sister Bishop loved having us and wants us to come more often! It is really big that she is so willing to have us!  I am glad to have the opportunity to meet them.
Sunday was the best day of the week! I loved Easter here in Palatka! First off, we didn't have ward counsel so we were able to spend some time reading and getting ready. Palatka 1st and 2nd shared sacrament meeting so it was really full! Some less active families we have visited lately were there! The speakers had really good talks. Sister Martin and I did Singing Time in the primary for Sister Gourley! It was really fun. I love being in primary! :D Last week a sister asked us to perform a song in Relief Society. The hymn was  "My Redeemer Lives"; The words were written by President Gordan B Hinckley. President Hinckley was the Prophet before President Monson. It is a really pretty Hymn. Sister Martin sang and I played the piano. :D We mad our own arrangement. It was so pretty! After Church Sister Kay Willis gave us Easter Baskets! It was so sweet of her! At the Gourleys for dinner we had such a great time. They are so good to us. They got cute little hats for me and sister Martin and Chocolate for us and the elders. When we left there we went over to a nursing home where one of the members in this ward live. Sister Martin and I sang to her. We also sang to a woman who was all alone in her room. She said it really made her day. People here are the salt of the Earth. The last family we saw yesterday was the Wood family. We watched a video together and played Telestrations! Crystal said we could help her feed their animals. IT WAS SO EXCITING! They have a pig and a goat and rabbits. They also have chickens!! We got two eggs from the chickens! It was really neat to help her a bit. The goat is really funny!
This week I have read just over half through Our Search for Happiness. It is such a good book. I admire how simply Elder Ballard is able to explain the doctrine of the church. I have learned so much this week about teaching simple and loving people. Sister Martin and I also discovered how much we love sonic! We have perfected our drink orders.

 I hope all of Ya'll had a good Easter! Our Savior has risen and he has given us the Gift of being able to defeat death and return to our Father in Heaven. We are truly so blessed!

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