Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dearest Children, God is near thee

This week has been a as! Sister Martin and I are working really hard. While we were teaching and finding this week we were asked by President Lee to sing always... So we have sang to everyone who would hear us.. And to a few doors that were closed on us.. But not many! As we have been doing this we have seen a lot of tender mercies. People have really enjoyed us caroling and it has led to a lot of good gospel conversations. It brightens their day abs it brightens ours! 
This week I had my first district meeting! It was really nice. After district meeting I went with with sister Hardy to the St John's Rush Ward for trade offs. Sister Martin stayed in Palatka with Sister Tullis. It was an incredible experience. We ended up passing out programs at a memorial for a young man who died in one of the St. Augustine wards. It was really bittersweet. Even though everyone was sad for the loss.. It was incredible how much hope and gladness filled the chapel. It was unlike and service I have been to before. I know that is only possible because of our savior. Without the knowledge that our families can be together forever and that there is more to God's plan than this life Mourning looks so different. I'm grateful for a loving savior and a God who I know is truly my father. Even though we will suffer all kinds of pains here in mortality they will be sanctified for our good so that we can see both immortality and eternal life with God and our families. 
One day we  were having a lot of trouble contacting people and it was getting late. There was a family close by, the Chanipos, and we decided to go visit them. After we sang to them they wanted to keep singing together. We sang "Master The Tempest is Raging" "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" and "Dearest Children, God is Near Thee." sometimes we struggle communicating with this family because they moved here from somewhere in Africa and they have strong accents. When we sang together it was a memory I hope to never forget. They have beautiful voices. We all felt the comfort of the spirit. With the lights all turned down  and the five of us together it seemed like that time lasted forever. 
The next day we met a man named John! He let us sing to him and afterwards we shared the restoration. As it happens he has met with missionaries before. Talking to him we could tell he was sad and hurt. He was somber and said he wanted to come back because he was still looking for answers. I. So grateful we met him. That night we ate with the Bishop family. I love them to death! They bought us journals with cute scriptures on them! We see them weekly and I always really look forward to it. They took us to a place down town called Hawg Wash. It was so fun! There was a huge mural nearby of wildflowers in Florida! I'll send a couple of that! :) 
Yesterday two less active recent converts were at church! Leonnesha and Alberta. I love Alberta so much. We wore matching pink dresses! I wish we had talked a picture! We also found two new investigators. One is named Olivia. We won't teach her much because she is getting ready to move to Ireland for a summer internship. The other is Taylor. She is a softball player! Oh, she is also beautiful! After singing she was really happy to hear what we had to say. She asked us to come back too! In the very beginning she shares a really personal story about God answering a prayer she had then she said "I don't know why I told you that I don't even really know you!" Taylor is so incredibly happy. At the end she prayed and said she would learn more and asked God to help her know if the things we teach are true. It was a big miracle because we were looking for someone else.. Sister Martin  had tried to go before and no one was ever there. But we decided to go anyway. 
Heavenly father loves us so much. 
Today we Re going to St. Augustin! I am really excited. I'll tell ya'll about it soon! 

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