Monday, May 22, 2017

Be Still My Soul

What a Week has been an absolute adventure. :D I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW COMPANION AND NEW AREA!!!  Sister Harris is my companion and we are so simillar. She is really sweet. Middleburg is a really pretty area. I enjoy the people. My new district is really fun! It stormed really hard today after we washed our cars. It was kind of sad but it was fun to feel  like we were playing in the rain some! :D It got really stormy though while we were in the chapel. 
Monday we went to the Castillo de la Santa Marcos. It is really pretty. Sister Killpack and Sister Perry came with us and the gouleys. I LOVE THE GOURLEYS. I miss them a lot. it was such a good day.
Tuesday was crazy. We had district meeting. one of the elders gave a really good training. It was from a talk given by President Monson in 1972 called "Finishers Wanted" Y'all should give it a listen some time. There was a mothers day dinner. LEO AND HER FAMILY CAME! IT was so nice to say goodbye to them! I love them so much. 
Wednesday We packed up and the gourleys drove us to the church building in Mandarin. I got to se Sister Studdert!!! She is doing so great. I got to meet Sister Harris there. We clicked so fast. Saying goodbye was hard but it was really exciting too. I am looking forward to my new area.
Yesterday we had an investigator named Michael come to church. It was so amazing! It is a joy to get to see people progress in the gospel. I really love the people and the work here. Sweet is the work. I wouldn't trade it for the world. We have a lot of work to do here and the ward is so enthusiastic and ready to help. We have members come out with us almost every day! The ward is such a blessing to us. I will try to send pictures next week because there are so many! 
I hope y'all have a blessed week. :D

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