Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fuego de Florida

This week has been so hot! One day was 96 degrees with a heat index in the hundreds! I am so grateful we have a car right now in Palatka!
Last monday we went to St. Augustine with the Sister Training Leaders. It was so fun! We spent most of our day on St. George Street! it was such a cute little place. We were right next to he St. Augustine Cathedral. All of the buildings down there are old and beautiful. We also walked around The Fort. It was really big. We could see out of the Bay to the ocean from there. It was so nice. I hope we have a chance to go back before my mission is over. 
This week we saw some real amazing things happen! on Wednesday we met a woman named Tiffany and taught her about the book of mormon. She was  so sweet and asked us back. Just a few hours after meeting her we went over to an area to find a less active member. They were not home so we tried some other contacts in the area. the last trailer seemed abandoned but we decided to knock on their neighbors door before leaving. one woman answered the door and three younger girl were standing there with her. They let us sing to them and after that they sad we could teach a lesson! The girls said they would grab their brother and everyone would meet us outside. Before long there were so many people coming up to where we were! All in all there were 9 Kids ( all piled onto a golf cart) and the older woman. It was so incredible. We taught them the gospel of Christ. They were all really engaged. It was a really tender experience. We were able to set up a return appointment and see them just a few days later. Only four of the kids lived there and it was their grandmother who was watching them. When we went back we taught the five of them the restoration. They are all so happy to meet with us. I'm so grateful we took the time to knock there. Heavenly Father is so aware of us and he always puts people in our path when we are ready!
Speaking of ready! We also  met a man named John this week! an we were able to teach him and his wife twice. He used to be Catholic and had even started the process to become a priest at one time. A long time ago he had met with Missionaries. John is full of questions and when we meet with him I always feel the spirit so strongly. I am so glad we met them!
This week the Elders, our ward mission leader and us sisters started a fun project. We made gratitude jars for the members of the ward counsel. When we gave them to each of the leaders we asked them to make two of their own and then us missionaries would deliver them. It has already been a really big success in our ward. The bowls have brought a lot of joy and sparked the missionary spirit in a lot of people. Brother Mitchell ( our ward mission leaader) is an inspired man! 
Saturday we went to the Bostwick Blueberry Festival! It was so much fun. We were able to meet some amazing people there. We even met a member from Nashville Georgia! She was running a Lula Roe Stand and told Sister Martin and I to both pick out something to take home. They were the kindest people. Two of their sons are serving Missions right now and soon another will leave. Ina year or two their last son will leave for his mission! They were just so happy to see sisters out and about! That really made our day. Later on we sang with two girls from our ward, Emma and Diamond Chanipo!! We sang Nearer My God To Thee . Sister Martin sang a solo too! It was a really good time. I am really thankful we were asked to participate!
This has been such an amazing week. I really am so grateful to be here in Palatka. There could not have been a better way to start my mission nor a better person to start it with! Hope Ya'll are doing well! Thanks so much for all of your prayers and good wishes. I feel Ya'lls love all the time!

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