Monday, May 22, 2017

The Lord is My Light

This last week of my transfer has been the asolutely amazing!  We were able to set a baptism date with a new investigator named Justice! It is really eciting. Justice is really prepared and eager to ender the waters of baptism! 

Friday we had an apportuniy as a mission to attend and perform at a Devotional in orange Park. Brad Wilcox was te speaker! In the opening we all come up to the front and sang called to serve with the congregaion. We also sang te 3rd missoin verse! After that we performed a song written David A. Bednar. It was so good!It is called One by One. the spirit wasso strong. Brad wilcox spoke really powerfully about Grace. It was a experience I will hold close to me for a while!Sister Studdert as tere to!!It as so fun to see her and get to catch up!She is doing so weell and loving Lake Ccity. One of their investigators even came to the devotional! it was such a special night! Before the votional the member thatdrove us took u to Panera!It was amazing!!! Sister Martin and ILOVEPANERA! We even get to go again today, so that is exciting!I learned so much at hat devotional and  I am eager to expand  on some ofthe ideas he spoke about!

Saturday We had transfer calls! I am going to b transfered out of palatka and sent to Middleburg!  It is a lot smaller than palatka and more rural according to othhherepople here. i am sad to be leaving Palatka, the peoplehere and  Sister Martin.. with that said i know it is inspired and that I will Just as much love for te Middleburg ward as ido for this one. My new companion will be Sister Harris. I am glad to get to meet her! No onehere knows who she is so It will be a fn surprise and likely an adventure!

Mothers day was the best Last sunday I could ask for! Leo and her four kids came to church!!AND  so did Justice!!!! It was incredible. Justice said she felt so at home and that she felt so good there! She really felt the spirit and is so excited to keep learning and making friends and growing in teh gospel! After church we had dinner with the Gourleys. It is so nice to have so much tim left with them before I leave. THey really are the Salt of the Earth. After dinner we time to call home!It was so amazing! I was really grateful to beable to talk to them for a while. :D I am so happpy to be able to know they are all doing well.

This week has been amazing. I want to close with a  quote from the devotional:

"Grace is not just for the righteous; It is the source of righteousness"

No matter what i going on in your life it will never be to late to use th preciou gift that our Savior has offered  us. Dont get discouraged, dont tun away. Press forward and stive to become; Become who you are-a son or daughter of God. You all have deine potential and I know that you can do it an that you can make it through whatever  you feel is weighing you down!

Yall be blessed!

Sister M. Leona Spangler
Florida Jacksonville Mis

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