Monday, May 22, 2017

Sweet is the Work

Well It has been a really good week! We had interviews with president and we found five new invesigaors!! I have been readin abook about church history, Our Heritage, and it is so good Something i loveabout florida are all the beautiful plants. Plants we grow every year in missouri are weeds here! I saw a mimosa tree this week for the first time!!The floweraways look  ike cotton candy!

we had a real mirracle this week. We tried one last time to see a youger girl we are teaching.jer name is Jaylani and both her parents are members but she i not baptized. It has been a month exactly since we saw her last so if we didnt see her this time were going to stop trying for a while. BUTWESAWHER!!!! It was an incredible lesson. we decided to review the restoration since it had been so long but once we were talkingit was clear that she remembered absolutly everything we had taught about the restoration!I she remembered about the priesthood and joseph smith. and all kinds of things. SHE IS SO PREPARED~!!! I am gladwe ill be able to keep meetin with her.

we also had an investigator in church! His name is Jaquez. he is younger too and his mom is a member. He just wouldnt come to church. but we taught him I am A  Child of God and sang it with him earlier in the week and he just lit up! He wanted to sing te song over and over again for like half an hour. On sunday he was finally here and he loved beign in primary!!!

I love being a missionary bcause he gospel is for families. It is my greatest joy to see familys strengthen as they grow closer to christ through the things that we teach them. As they gain their own testimonies they absolutely come alive.  I have seen such amazing thngsin the people we are teaching already. I love he Gospel.I know this church is true and thatthere is Nothgould rather be doing with my life than sharing the restored gospel. this is Gods work!

Y'all be blessed! 

Sister M. Leona Spangler
Florida Jacksonville Mission 
March 2017 - September 2018 

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