Monday, April 10, 2017

Two by Two and One by One

They say that the mission ends where the sand begins... but in Palatka, Florida that's only half true! It has been  crazy week getting to Florida. Getting off the plane was so surreal. Once we finally saw President and sister Lee the three of us were so happy! The first day felt so long. We did some trainings. Oh our first night we had a true southern meal. I absolutely loved it. I'm sure I'll love the food here way too much! The next day we had trainings all morning. Around noon we met our Trainers! The sisters training me is Sister Martin. SHE IS SO NICE!!! Also, she is really talented. Hopefully I can learn a lot from her both spiritually and otherwise. When other missionaries found out I was going to Palatka, they all said I was going to the promised land of the mission. Absolutely no one had anything bad to say! The Gourleys , a family from Palatka 1st our ward, drove us home. Oh, I also bought my Bike! The Gourleys are amazing, everyone that served here  mentions them. They feed us twice a week, the elders in this ward Too! They absolutely love missionary work and they do so much for the ward. Sister Martin and I have see miracles with less actives here in palatka. Three family's came Sunday that haven't in so Long! We are teaching a couple children who have member parents as well as a family. Both kids have Baptism dates in May! Friday we spent the day in Bostwick. It was such a crazy day. Bostwick is a further part of our area. Lately I have learned that Palatka has a lot of private roads that are not marked well, also, a lot of roads that are Sand! Some places you really can't tell if what is there is even a Road! These things are especially true in Bostwick! We used so many miles and got pretty lost a few times because the GPS doesn't understand the difference between private and public Roads! A family  out there fed us. The people in this ward are so humble. Honestly, everyone here is, not only just how they act but also in how they live. I love everyone I have met so much. :) Florida is absolutely beautiful. Bouganvilla and Lantana grow wild Here! And hibiscus and Bouganvilla grow up as tall as some of the Houses! I'm so grateful to be Here! Hope you all have a good week!

Sister Mykala Leona Spangler
8663 Baypine drive ste 102
Jacksonville Florida 32256

Sister M. Leona Spangler
Florida Jacksonville Mission

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